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Let's Make Your Indoor Air Healthy

Your Car indoor is protected from bacteria, germs, Allergens, air-borne Chemicals, Toxins, Odour, micro-pollutants, and excess moisture to prevent sneezing, allergy, headache, nausea and other major health issues like asthma and heart diseases by GOODAIR ROYAL


Multi-level Impregnated with multilayer architecture and low mesh size powerful granules of Steam Activated Virgin Coconut Shell Carbon which is 10 times more porous and powerful than bamboo/wood charcoal

European Standard Certified Product

European Standard Certified Impregnated activated coconut shell carbon is used in GOODAIR Royal

Multi-level Impregnation

Activated carbon is multi level impregnated to get the maximum output from the product

Chromium Free Product

GOODAIRTM is 100% chromium free. As a Chromium free product, GOODAIRTM aimed to ensure a high level of protection of human health

Meets All International Stds.

GOODAIR fulfills all the international standards. Its iodine value is the highest among all other non-electric air purifiers

Technology Used In Defence Applications

Impregnation of activated carbon is the technology used in military applications like Respirators, Collective Protectors, etc.

Low Mesh Size & Powerful Granular

To get the best results from the product, the granules are of uniform low mesh size, thus making the product effective with highest surface area

Virgin Activated Coconut Shell Carbon

Activated carbon in GOODAIR Royal is made from Virgin Coconut Shell

Multi-layer Architecture

GOODAIR is made up of 3 layers of filters followed by the carbon

Remove Odour & Pollutants

GOODAIR Royal removes odour and other pollutants by a process called adsorption

Remove Toxins & Chemicals

The process of impregnation makes GOODAIR Royal efficient to adsorb all toxins and chemicals coming out on heating of the dashboard and upholsteries

Remove Allergens & Bacteria

GOODAIR Royal protects your car from bacteria, germs, allergens and air-borne chemicals, to prevent sneezing, allergy, headache, nausea and other major health issues like asthma and heart diseases

Remove Excess Moisture

GOODAIR Royal excess moisture from the car indoor thus prevent the growth of moulds and microbes

Long Lasting For 3 Years

GOODAIR Royal will last upto 3 years under favourable climatic conditions. But in highly polluted cities the life of the purifier may vary

Premium Linen Fabric

The antibacterial property and high breathability of linen make it the right choice for GOODAIR Royal

Non Electric

GOODAIR Royal provides 24/7 protection from pollutants and no power consumption required for its working, unlike electric air purifiers which works only when the power is ON

Zero Fragrance

GOODAIR Royal doesn’t have any fragrance but it will adsorb all the odour from the car keeping it fresh and healthy

Your Car Indoor Is Under GOODAIR Protection

Carbon used in GOODAIR ROYAL is European Standard Certified, Chromium free, and has high Iodine Value above 1100


Each GOODAIR ROYAL is unique and takes upto 45 days to complete

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